by Maria Irene Fornes Thinking Cap Theatre is thrilled to return to the stunning work of Maria Irene Fornes after staging an award-winning, highly celebrated production of Fornes' MUD in 2016. One of the greatest theatrical innovators of the twentieth century, Fornes, who died in 2018 at the age of 88, is finally receiving the attention that she has long deserved. Cuban born, Fornes immigrated to the US in 1945 at age 15. A visual artist first, she wrote her first play when she was 30. Her vast, diverse, and innovative canon of plays represents some of the most original and finest work in theatre in the last hundred years. FEFU AND HER FRIENDS, Fornes' most celebrated play, which premiered OffOffBroadway in 1977, holds a monumental place in the history of environmental, immersive, and site-specific theatre, a variety of theatre that has become increasingly popular in the past few decades. Set in New England in the 1930s, FEFU AND HER FRIENDS centers on eight women who have congregated at the title character's home for a meeting ostensibly about the importance of arts education. However, Fornes pulls back this veil to reveal a play subtly invested in complex subconscious lives of these fascinating women, each of whom is struggling to understand herself, each other, and the rules of the world in which they live. A mysterious, voyeuristic, gripping, and often humorous play, FEFU AND HER FRIENDS is a dramatic masterpiece that defies simple description and demands to be experienced. Miss it at your peril!

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