Innovator | $10,000+


Creator | $5,000-$9,999

TAP 42

Bar Rita

Originator | $1,000-$4,999

Greg Madonna & Jennifer Thomas


Jim Stepp & Peter Zimmer Fund At Our Fund

JA Rodriguez CPA, LLC

Trailblazer | $500-$999

Michael & Mary Ellen Peyton

Whit Markowitz

Groundbreaker | $100-$499

J Matthew Anderson

Kevin Black

Stephen Brown

Angel Burgos

Casey Dressler

Mark and Jane Duncan

Fran Epstein & Barbara Signer

Jim Gibbons

Paul & Mirta Granville

Jane Kreinberg & Trish Stypka

Margaret Ledford

Noah Levine

Steve McLead

Linda Miller

Robert Miller

Rohan Obst & Lauren Graham

Julie & Brian Obst

Michelle Porter

Joseph Roberts

Paul Ryder

Jim Schillo

Elizabeth Stodard

Morris Stodard

Randy Stodard

Stanley Stodard

Albert Thuma

Stephen Wargo

Ken Werner

Experimenter | $10-$99

Brenda Aulbach

Tim Davis

Anubis de Lama

Kate Gintoft

Ann Goldberg

Niki Lopez

Bree-Anna Obst

Adriane Reesey

Randy Schull

Nicole Stodard

Nina Sun

Carol Sussman

Patricia Wakely Wolf

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